calling all bloggers.

Attention - all bloggers. 
ALL bloggers. If 5 people read your blog or 500,000. 
If you just started or you been going since the interwebs was invented. 
You have questions and I know a lady who has some answers. 
My precious friend and bidness partner, Hayley, has written an amazing resource for bloggers of all sorts and I cannot recommend it enough. It answers the questions that people ask me allll the time and it answers the questions that I hadn't thought to ask myself just yet. 

I am so in love with this eBook, I'm buying a copy for one of you and giving it to you myself as a Christmas present. To enter, simply leave a comment below telling me about your blog. The one you haven't started or the one you spend 15 hours a week on:) 

One thing Hayley shares her wisdom about in the eBook is design + branding + creating a blog look that you love. I've been in the midst of some serious vision casting for my own little internet home and I feel like I have a really firm grasp of where Naptime Diaries is headed in 2013. That being said, I'm trying to now create a design that fits my voice and my goals and that I can really stick with for at least 9 months - a year. 

I'm no longer taking on blog design clients so I can devote my time to finishing up my old clients and when I have time, pouring out all my design energy HERE. I've sat down with Hayley's eBook and my own blog design questionnaire to start creating a vision board for where I want to head. 

Want to see a sneak peak? 
We'll see how it fleshes out in the next few weeks! 

I'm not sure how to translate gold triangle earrings into a blog design -- but if it's possible 

Now, go leave that comment or just GO BUY THAT EBOOK
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