the cards + the calendars + the flu

Y'all. I'm not going to mince words here. 
We have got one sick household over here. 
At first it was bronchitis, then strep, then a stomach bug. 
And now - it's the big bad flu. 
With all the trimmings - the shakes, the fever, the mom and the kids standing in line in the middle of the night to lose our dinner. I'm sorry for the visual. Can you laugh with me about it for a minute? If I can't laugh, it's just too sad! 

All that being said - here is just a quick update for you all about somethings we've gotten lots of questions about in the shop lately. 

#1: Advent calendars ARE sold out (and they're all shipped and on their way!) but we've released the printable version of our advent calendar for those of you who'd like to print it at home on your own. We've had a lot of people outside the US and many military families ask about this option so that they can print their calendars in time to start advent and now they're ready! 

Within 24 hours of purchasing, you'll receive an email with 8 word documents. Those word documents contain the 28 high resolution mini prints and the SheReadsTruth Advent reading plan for you to print and decorate on your own. 

#2. Christmas Cards.
We are still selling our printable custom Christmas Cards and many people had had questions about where and how to print them. The answer is - it's up to you! Once your card is designed with your images + name, you can print them wherever you like depending on how much you want to spend/how you want them. 

Three quick easy options I'd suggest....

buy those babies at Walmart
#1) Just get them printed as matte 5x7 photos from Walmart or your local drugstore! Have them print the finished card .jpg just like a picture (matte looks better than glossy!), stick it in an envelope, and send it out! Super quick - super inexpensive! 

folded cards + postcards from Snapfish!

#2) These next two options are from Snapfish and they are having a HUGE sale right now. 55% all orders through the 29th! Via Snapfish you can print your custom card like a folded greeting card that comes with an envelope or...

#3) Through Snapfish, have your custom card printed as a postcard! We love this option because it means no envelopes and the postage for postcards is actually cheaper. We do our cards this way every year and love it! 

There are lots of other options of course - go to a professional printer and have it done on nice linen, print them at home on photo paper, etc - but these are just some of the quick and super inexpensive options that we suggest! 

If you'd like to get your Snapfish's huge 55%off deal, order your card TODAY - we'll do a 24 hour turn around on your design and you'll have your high resolution card in plenty of time to catch their deal! 

And now I'm off to wish for a very sleep-filled, sick-free night!
Praying you're somewhere sick-free with your Christmas music playing in the background.