the DIY generation

A few months ago as I was preparing for my session at Influence and I asked my husband to share some insight to some things he thought my generation of women might be getting wrong. I put on my big girl face and waited for his prophet-like wisdom to share some nuggets with me, whether they stung a little or not.

The first thing he said came as a shock to me. “Have you ever wondered why women like you are obsessed with pinterest? You all like to Do. Everything. Yourselves. You’re the DIY generation.” I guess I’ve never thought of that as a problem until he started to unpack it for me. When I asked him what was so fundamentally wrong with wanting to do things yourself, the scripture references started flowing and my eyes were opened.

In Genesis 12 – the Lord says to Abraham, “I will make you into a great nation”. And the Lord does – in His own timing, despite Abraham’s clear lack of ability. In Exodus 6, He says to the Israelites, “I will bring you out of slavery” and the people encountered all kinds of issues when they tried to hurry Him up or figure Him out. In Matthew 4, Jesus tells the disciples “I will make you fishers of men”. Not - I will teach you to be fishers of men. Not – I will hand you a pdf tutorial on how to fish for men. I will make you. I will make you. I will make you.

I don’t think it’s wrong for us to want to make some good soups or create sweet little crafts. I think it’s incredibly messed up that the ease at which we think we can do those things is born from our familiarity with trying to make OURSELVES into something. I will start a blog. I will start a ministry. I will start a family. I will build this home. I will fix this problem. I will fix myself. I will help those people. I will help myself.

Doing it yourself isn’t so dangerous when it comes to a wreath for your door. It’s incredibly unwise when it comes to your own sanctification or life or sense of being.

When the God of the Universe has called you by name and set you aside as a daughter, when He has given His only son so that you can be in right standing with Him – what right do we have to stand before Him and say, “I’ve got this. Watch what I’m going to do for you.”

Lay it down, sister friend. The thing you’re trying to do yourself.
He will make you. 

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