tales from the flu.

Things I didn't know until yesterday: 
- The stomach bug, the stomach flu, and Influenza all mean very different things. AND - the best part is, it's totally possible to catch all three separately in a three week span. 
- If you take two members of your family to the ER because of their incredibly high fevers + dehydration and two more members of your family start feeling ill while you're at the ER: the on-call doctor might look at your sweet eight month pregnant self and say - it's gonna be a long week. 
- If your whole family comes down with influenza, after just having recovered from the stomach flu, after just having recovered from a stomach bug -- it'll be ok. Really. 

Here are my tips to surviving this phenomenon: 
1. Praise God that influenza doesn't involve throwing up. Chocolate milkshakes all around!
2. Pull out a fancy platter and put all your sick week goodies on it. All the meds, tissues, thermometers, and medicine dispensers right where you need them. 
3. Grab all blankets and pillows needed from upstairs and gear up for a long day week of cuddling and movies and resting. 
4. Again, praise God for no puking. 
5. Text a few family and friends some scary looking pictures of your daughter's flu ridden face. Because you have to get your jokes in somehow. Don't post that picture on your blog because you want your daughter to still like you when she's 16. 

In all seriousness -- this is just a post to say, God is good. 
Monday night when we were at the emergency room, all I wanted to do was pitch a huge hissy fit. I wanted to yell and scream and say WE CANNOT BE GETTING SICK AGAIN and I CANNOT GET THE FLU WHEN I'M EIGHT MONTHS PREGNANT. But you know what? We can. And I can. And God is still good. 
And a lot of people deal with a lot worse. And He is still good. 

And when it comes down to it - we can call off everything for the week and cuddle and talk to our kiddos and hold them. And Nick can run the shop from the office and I can send the emails from the couch and pray that this will be the last time we go through a family epidemic of illness this winter. 

And I hope you're not sick on the couch with sick kids today -- but if you are, I highly suggest a good episode of Dora the Explorer and a 5 year old, 4 year old, 3 year old to cuddle with. And a chocolate milkshake. 


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