the up & comers.

Yesterday I shared the blog ladies from our Naptime Diaries mentorship program that we just finished up for the fall and today, I'm super grateful to get to share with you the shop owners who participated. 

These gals. I am so proud of. 
Some of them are just getting started and establishing their business. 
Some have put so much work into their small, new businesses - their husbands are quitting dayjobs to help them. Many of them have said their business are TOO booming, they're overwhelmed with orders and customers in the best way possible. 

They're ALL really lovely women. True sashes to the merchants kinda ladies
You won't be disappointed by spending some time in their shops!

Clockwise from top left: Bow + Arrow Art, Shop Lemon Drop Rouge + Whimsy, and One Simple Red Stitch
Clockwise from top left: Better Life Bags, She Does Justice, Monique Designs, and Little Doe Eyed Girl 

Again, I am so proud of and thrilled for these women. 
This whole side-family-business-on-the-internet is not for everyone, but these ladies are truly endeavoring to bless their families and the worlds around them. 
And I know they'd bless you too. 

If you're a shop owner who'd love to grow in your craft, get word out about your business, or just see a shift in your online growth - I cannot suggest The Influence Network enough. Beginning with our launch January 1st, we are going to have resources upon resources upon resources for ladies LIKE you. Sign up today to receive information so you can hop on board with us ASAP. 

Annnd, have a sweet Wednesday friends! 

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