Twelve Deals of Christmas!

It's getting close, guys. 
As far as Christmas shopping goes, I don't mind telling you - the Connollys have barely started. I love the fact that I genuinely believe there is something in our shop for everyone on your list. I hate the fact that I can't give our prints to everyone on my list because I think they'd all see that as an easy out:). If you haven't already - now is the time to check out our gift guide and peruse the shop! What last minute gifts can we help you fulfill?! 

BUT. On top of the gift guide - we've decided to run one last big promotion and I have to say: the boss (Nick) is feeling super generous! Every day (beginning today!) for the next twelve days we're going to run some sort of quick promotion in the shop for you to benefit from. There might be discounts, free gifts, giveaway, collaborations with other shops, gift cards, etc - etc - etc! It's going to get CRAZY. We want to end 2012 with a bang and this seems like the best way to do it. 

How do you find out what the promotion is each day? 
a) check here every day and I'll have a little graphic at the bottom of each post. 
b) make sure you're following Naptime Diaries on facebook and/or twitter to hear the promotion each day. 

Trust me - some of these you are NOT going to want to miss. 
Let's start today off with something we've NEVER done. 
Use coupon code SENDITFREE to get anything + everything in our shop shipped for free to you! And of course, in plenty of time for Christmas. 

a note on coupon codes: in our shop, the coupon code spot is AFTER you enter your paypal information. that occasionally throws people off, so don't worry - it is there before you check out - but it's the very last step. 

Each deal will only last twenty four hours and then we'll release a new one! 
Woohoo, let's do this thing!