a better version to share BY NADINE

Oh hi! That's me in the photo. I was just casually standing while my friend Danaea tested the light for her clients. It's fun having sweet friends with incredible talent.

Anyway . . .

When Jessi mentioned that she could use a little hand round these here parts (man, sometimes I write things and think about deleting them because they sound very lame but then I keep them because I am very lame and hiding that makes me a different type of lame, right?) this month, I immediately started to think:

. . . but what can I offer?
(and I boldly sent an email saying yes of course I will because my fingers are far bolder than my heart)

In my head, I started listing off all the reasons why I'm a bad choice to be writing here.
  • I'm not a pastor's wife, or a wife of anybody, for that matter.
  • I'm not a mom.
  • I haven't written an eBook.
  • I haven't started a network
  • insert all the things I haven't done
I heard something stirring in my heart and I firmly ignored it. I kept thinking and making more lists in my mind but that stirring (aka God reminding me of truth) wouldn't quiet itself.  God isn't one to be silent. He isn't one to be slowed.

He is the one who called a man with a stutter to lead thousands into freedom (Moses).
He is the one who called a man with wandering eyes a man after His own heart (David).
He is the one who called a man who once hated Him to follow Him. That same man would write truth that impacts hearts even today (Saul / Paul).

He is the one who made Jessi, a woman whose love for His Gospel makes my heart get giddy.

He is the one who made you. (I'm going to assume you're a lady, okay? K.)

You might be under-qualified for (insert scenario(s) that are over your head and yet so very much on your heart) but I promise that if you lean fully on Jesus, you will make it through.

It's really easy for me to get overwhelmed. I'm practically a master at it. I'm very good at making assumptions about what people are thinking about me and I'm beyond amazing at feeling hurt by things that others had no clue about.

But it's actually easier for me to walk to the cross and look to Jesus.
To drop my burdens.
And to let Him change my heart.

I'm a lot of things.
Fearful tops too many of my lists.
Today, like many before, I'm erasing it from my life of "what makes up Nadine".

Here's a better version to share:
  • redeemed by Jesus
  • saved through faith
  • impacted every moment by grace
  • restored to no longer walk in fear
  • empowered to write about what the Lord has done

What does your list look like? Does it need to be rewritten? I probably have to rewrite mine almost daily because I'm far too skilled at listening to lies in my head. Repeating the truth of the Gospel (that Jesus died so sinners could receive life) has to happen multiple times per day for me.

I'm so grateful you took the time to read all these words. You didn't have to. I'd love if you come over and visit me on my blog, tweet with me, or look at things I find pretty enough to pin.

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