Jesus is louder than the winter BY TRINA

I am so excited to share a few words here on Jessi's gorgeous little corner of the internet. My name is Trina, and I'm a freelance writer for pay and blogger at for fun. I'm stay-at-home mom to Brylee (5) and Ian (2), and wife to a wonderful, handsome, supportive man named Daniel.

In her session for the Influence Conference (highly recommend you listen to it!), Jessi inspired me when she asked the question, “Who is louder, Jesus or Jessi?” I've since been asking that question for my own writing (of course changing it to “Jesus or Trina”), and I hope it is always Jesus. But sometimes, there are seasons when winter feels louder. I'll explain.

Typical winter days are tough for me. The freezing weather, short days, and often wet ground that keep us indoors are reason enough for cabin fever. There are times it seems as if we haven't been outside in days--times when winter boredom sets in and dreams of beach days leave us aching for fresh air and sunshine.

Just last week, my main man was away on another week-long work trip. We had a large snow that canceled preschool, and the following days were much below freezing—not a welcoming time to venture outside. In this season, I am overwhelmed by winter. I'm craving fresh air, warming sunshine, community at the playground, and more Jesus.

A few months ago, as we transitioned past Halloween (sigh of relief) and into “the” holiday season, my 5-year-old and I talked about Thanksgiving. I explained the best I could about the first harvest and the people celebrating because they had provisions for the winter—they were thankful.

Maybe they had the same thankful spirit as Joseph when he led the Egyptians into their time of famine. It must have been a sad, desperate time to watch the crops dry up and whither away. But there was also hope and assurance in the provisions saved.

They had experienced seven good years—years full of growing crops and vibrant community revolving around this joint effort. God provided for them, and if this didn't fill their hearts for the dry years, then it at least filled their bellies.

Here is where the truth sinks in: God provides for me through my winters, too.

These seasons in my life when things get out of balance, life feels stagnant and the empty cold settles in. The harvest time is abundant. Abundant with friendships and warmth. Abundant with productivity and words. Abundant with health and joy. Abundant with all the things that look, feel and taste good.

This abundance gets me through the lows. When I'm low in love or connection or community. When I'm low in creativity or production. Low with sickness or sadness. Low with the winter cold and the burdens that bring me down.

There is a season for everything and when the season is not in my favor, God is and He will get me through. He quiets me with His love and surrounds me in His safety. He inspires me with His word. He heals my body and uplifts my spirit. He takes on my burdens and gives me hope of the coming spring.

This season, I rest assured of one thing: Jesus is louder than the winter.