happy, #2.

A quick update of things that are making me happy today. 
Sidebar: the thorough talker in me feels the need to go into an extra theological conversation about the word "happy". I mean I'm not over here striving for "happy". Joy, joy is what we're after? Contentment, yes. But whatever. 
Here are some things that make me happy. 
And that's ok! 
Theological overthinking done. 

Melody Joy is a dear friend to me and another small business owner! 
She makes these beautiful nest rings + she is having her big sale of the year right now - buy two get one free. You absolutely have to check these beauties out. They're lovely and meaningful and the perfect gift for mamas and mamas to be. 

Analog Weekends are an idea that The Tiny Twig dreamed up and I'm following! Until further notice, I'll be off social media from about 5pm on Friday through Sunday night. No instagram, no twitter, no facebook. I literally delete them off my phone. Just to live real life quietly and genuinely and make sure we're LIVING. I've done it two weekends in a row and I start to crave it now! We'd love for you to join us!

Lastly, when I am on social media - I've been loving instagram lately. It's just such a sweet place to be! I just started to realize that a lot of my instagram followers didn't even know we ran a print shop so I've been doing some little friday promotions on there to bless the insta-people! If you don't follow over there, please do! Each Friday in March, I'm doing some promotions and sales that I'll only post there! Last weeks was 3 exclusive prints for CHEAP. 
I'll see you over there! 

Alright y'all! 
Hope you're joyful, content, and EVEN happy today. 

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