seven sweets about Cannon

Let it be known. This post is nothing but Cannon-filled. 
Seven things I want the world to know about Cannon Murray Connolly. 
One of the perks of being a blogger is taking up your own space to show off your baby cakes, Right? 

1. We call him all sorts of names. 
Squeaky (because he makes crazy noises).
Fluffy (because after his bath, he looks like a fluffy).
Cannon Bo Bannon. 
Cann-it (because Elias can't say Cannon). 

2. He doesn't cry a ton, but when he cries - HE CRIES. 
He screamed for the first two hours after he was born and I thought we were in trouble. He only really cries 2-3 times a day, but it's epic every time. 

3. He's a choker and a spitter. 
We literally had to call the ambulance + take him to the ER when he was about a week old because he choked and couldn't breathe for a few minutes. It's nerve-wracking to say the least. Now that he chokes less, he just spits up. An epic amount:) But it randomly smells real sweet, like almond milk. Creepy, huh? 

4. He's just started cheesy smiling real big. None of us can get enough of it. 
I think Glory, Nick, Elias and I are in a constant competition to get him smiling. Nick always wins. He loves to snuggle and sleep with mama, but he likes to be awake with Daddy. 

5. Speaking of sleep, he's slept twice through the night. Woohoo! He's kind of slept through the night (without eating) since he came home from the hospital, but he's not been able to sleep through the night without being held. He's now done two nights of 10pm-5am in his own bed, without being held. Mama kinda misses him. 

6. He has dark, dark blue eyes. Blonde-almost-ginger fluffy hair. Long fingers. Long feet. 
Y'all, the pictures don't like. He's crazy handsome. 
If you saw us out in public, you'd ask, "why is that insane woman kissing her baby fifteen times in a row?". 

7. We're madly in love. 
Him + I. The family + him. I think he likes us ok. 
We're really, really, really grateful for him. 
I wish you could all hold him and bury your faces in the folds of his sweet chubby cheeks.