bless the mama

Listen, the kiddos are a gift in themselves. 
I mean it. I don't need no corsage or special lunch after church. 
BUT. If you're the kind of lady who gets asked what she wants for Mother's Day and you have no clue - I've got you covered. Here's what I'd asked for. 
And if you happen to be my husband -- HERE ARE THE THINGS I'D ASK FOR. 
You know. Hypothetically. 

heading clockwise
The Day Designer by Whitney English
The Baby Companion by Jessica Wolstenholm

Enjoy! And by all means, forward on to your husband if needed. 
Forward on to mine if you're feeling sweet:) 

Some shop news: All profits from our shop today, April 26th, will go to our friend Laura as she raises support to travel to Slovakia to minister to youth this summer. Head over there, get some prints, and support missions!