refresh, day one | it starts with the heart

If you feel a little lost, fragmented, not quite yourself... 
If you feel dusty and tired, or frozen and locked up... 
we understand. 

Winter is over and it's time for a little refresh. 
Like coming home from a long vacation and changing the sheets or hanging new curtains, it's a sweet joy to be grateful for who God made you to be and freshen it up all at once. We can throw away the notion that we need to be different or better or someone else altogether, while still putting the pieces back together and bringing a little color back to our lives. This week we'll talk about all the ways women can find refreshment - from our hearts to our wardrobes to our creative lives. 

Two ladies. One week. 
An experimental how-to in refreshment. 


Today is a day I'm really excited to share with you all. I've written a little (maybe a lot?) in the past few months about by inability to find myself again after having sweet baby Cannon ten weeks ago. The truth is - it's not fair to blame it all on him. Because of a bunch of different factors - moving, a long winter, bedrest, homeschooling, etc... I've just found myself feeling incredibly poured out and dried up in a not so beautiful way. 

I've been grateful for the grace and patience the Lord has pounded into my heart during these months - but I've also found a sweet communion with other women who are struggling like I am - for a myriad of reasons. Friends, sisters, hair stylists, other moms, blog readers. You guys all get it - that fear hanging over you that you've let yourself go or you're incredibly close. The common denominator we all land on is that this must be a heart issue. 

This week we're going to talk about ALL the things and share ALL the tools in our toolbelts as we seek refreshment, but I'm starting with putting my eyes on Jesus. I said last week that I was finding so much peace in Psalm 16 and so I started there this week to get my heart right. I don't have to go any further than the first two verses to find hope + encouragement. 

Preserve me, O God, for in you I take refuge.
I say to the Lord, “You are my Lord;
I have no good apart from you.” Psalm 16:1-2

I find a few key things here that speak so much life to me. 
David cries PRESERVE which means to keep in perfect or unaltered condition and to prevent from decaying. I am reminded here that that condition in which I was created is right and purposeful AND that the Lord has the ability to prevent it from getting wonky. 

Secondly, the word REFUGE means a source of help, relief or comfort in times of trouble and this -- brings about a large sigh. I am not in a chaotic time of trouble, but I am in the midst of some super large transitions and life changes. I feel lost, I feel fragmented, and the Lord assures me that He can be my refuge. He can and should be my starting place when it comes to refreshment. 

This week we'll be offering tutorials and tips and tricks that we're trying ourselves as it pertains to hair, makeup, creativity, etc. Here are the tools in my heart-toolbelt that I'm pulling out to start this refresh: 

- I'm going to start spending time with the Lord again in the mornings. This obviously isn't for everyone and I took a looooong break from waking early to read the Word while I was pregnant + in the newborn phase. But it's time again for me to seek the source first thing, even if it means losing one more precious hour of sleep. 

- I'm going to watch my input + inner dialogue. Nick and I had an honest talk about what actually happens when I watch Real Housewives of whatever. I kept telling myself that those sorts of inputs don't bother me, but the truth is - when I watch those types of shows, I am constantly saying to myself "they are so beautiful. why don't I look like that. how do they get so thin." etc. etc. etc.  All done with that. 

- The worship music is going on in the house and the prayer walks are starting again. These are two of the most refreshing habits I have that I've let fall by the wayside. They keep my heart excited + in tune with the Holy Spirit and for me, that's super important. 

We are so pumped for this week and so excited to refresh. 
Join us? Let's talk below about how you start with the heart. 
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