refresh day two | get radiant

We're so glad you're joining us for Refresh
If you're lost, catch up here. It's essentially two ladies on a experimental quest to refresh all the things. We started with our hearts yesterday and we're moving slightly north today. 
To our faces. 

I don't know about you, but when I'm in an off season - the first thing to go is makeup. When I'm in a sweet or spunky season of life - it's the first thing to come back. If you look back through my personal photo albums, truly - you can almost tell what kind of day/month/year I was having by whether or not I was wearing lipstick. 

The past few months have been marked by many blah days for me. Hair up + chapstick kinda days. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Everyone needs those days. But for me, now that I'm ready to really refresh and move forward with some spring in my step - the first thing I needed to do was get my face situation worked out. I knew exactly who to reach out to - Nicole from Radiant. I emailed and basically asked her, "what would you suggest every lady needs?" She walked us through three looks and I'm so grateful. 

But, first. I gotta get brave. 
To show you a true transformation, we had to start with a blank slate. 

No comment, y'all. We're REALLY friends now. 

So first, we made a look that was doable EVERY day. It took about 3 minutes and I immediately felt better. I LOVE Radiant's foundation (I used LC1) and I'll never go back now. To that I added just a little bit of concealer, their peony blush, the georgia eye shadow all over, with the penny lane shadow lining the outer 1/3 of my eyelid. To make it real simple, my friend Meg drew me a picture of how to do it. 

Second, I needed a punched up look that would make me feel fresh heading out the door for a little bit. Basic, but not quite. For this face, we added a little bit of gel eyeliner and a lip gloss in Rue. I cannot get enough of the gel eyeliner. I've never been an eye liner girl, but you won't see me without it these days. I'm realizing how much more AWAKE I look with it on. And the gel aspect just makes it fun to put on and hard to mess up! 

Lastly, we added my absolute fave. A STRONG lip. I went with Radiant's matte lipstick  in Madrid and I was not disappointed. I'm a sucker for a red lip and the matte made it look so much more modern and so much less fussy. I can't do fussy. I also added just a bit more blush to equal out the lip. 

I'm really grateful for the gals over at Radiant helping us with this part of refresh. Not only did I need someone to hold my hand and tell me exactly what to wear without trying to sell me 15 products I don't need, I just happen to love their company a ton. They donate 20% of profits to fight human trafficking and they are working hard in the fight to combine business + justice in a creative way. All that and a funky, punchy red lip? I'm sold. 

How do you use makeup to refresh? 
Need help finding one or two or three products that will get you started on the road to feeling fresh-faced again? Holler at the Radiant girls on twitter or facebook and they will NOT disappoint. I promise. And you can trust me because I've shown you my face sans-makeup now. That's REAL friendship. 

Thank you for joining us today gals. Can't wait for more refreshment tomorrow!