grace abounds in deepest waters

Quick catch up if you're lost: This is our family's last week in Fort Wayne, Indiana. In 2008, the Lord gave my husband a desire to plant a church named Gospel Community and we've spent the last five or so years developing what Gospel Community looks like in our lives as we experience it in the different places we've been. We moved to Fort Wayne, Indiana to serve at another church named Gospel Community in 2012. Now, we're moving to Charleston, SC to plant another Gospel Community and we believe we'll be there for a very long time, until/if the Lord calls us on somewhere else. 

If you follow me on social media of any type, you know I'm mildly obsessed with the song Oceans by Hillsong right now. Woosh. It's doing me good. Every time I hear that song, I hear a new line that feels so right for the day/moment/week/whatever. The other night we had a prayer and worship service with Gospel Community Fort Wayne to pray for Gospel Community Charleston and the line "grace abounds in deepest waters" hit me like a punch in the stomach. 

We are in such deep water right now friends. It's our last week in Fort Wayne. We're in the midst of a community/event storm where we've had something big or someone over or something anticipated every day for almost a month. We have a whole house to pack, a move to coordinate, a new house to unpack and decorate. Thirty thousand dollars to raise, four kids to raise, a baby who doesn't sleep through the night. An eBook coming out this week, two businesses and one side ministry to run, and a church to plant. All amazing things. All a wee bit stressful. In all honesty, I've confessed to a few friends that when I get real quiet -- I feel like I'm freefalling. Just whooshing through the days, probably heading for a crash if I'm not careful. 

BUT. Grace abounds in deepest waters. 
And I'm going to count some of those graces today. 

- Cannon Murray. This is one baby that is not complicating all the things going on in our lives. Instead, he makes them all the more sweet. 
- My big kids and their hearts. This is the best time for them to conquer one last move. Their hearts are so simple and sweet. They are genuinely not sad about moving and they can comprehend what's coming. They understand we are starting a church and earnestly pray for God to provide the finances and people. And they're really funny and crazy and make our days funny and crazy. 
- Community. Insert ugly tears. About six months ago, I deduced that Fort Wayne probably wouldn't be a huge friend-place for me and that was ok. But I'm leaving and packing up and saying goodbye and realizing a huge chunk of my heart is with the people here. I love them so much and feel so incredibly loved by them. 
- Our team. Right now there are currently 34 people (including kids) praying about moving to Charleston specifically to help start Gospel Community. I'm really overwhelmed and propelled by this.
- Just Jesus. Just having a best friend and Savior to turn to throughout the day is a the best safety net. I know when the waters settle, I'll know Him better no matter what. 

So I'm going to keep taking freefalling leaps forward as He leads us, 
because grace surely abounds in deepest waters.