a gift for your spirit

As our family is moving this week, I want to gift y'all with something I'm really excited to have in my new home. I've mentioned how amazing the song Oceans is to me right now and what a ministry it is to my heart. I took one line of the song and made a huge print of it for our new home, and I wanted to give it to y'all in printable form. 

This line of the song messes me up so much for two reasons. 
#1) I truly want our family to be led by the Spirit. Not by good ideas or by what feels standard for our family - but by what the Holy Spirit is doing and purposing and pushing us towards. 
#2) It's the scariest line to sing. Borders and boundaries are good things. They keep us safe, they keep us in the known. But I'm so realizing that when I box my God up, when I box up what He can do or what He wants to do or what He is able to do - I miss the entire point. I want my trust in Him to be relentless and with no backup plan in sight. 

Please feel free to print this and hang it in your home in any way. 
Spirit, lead us where our trust is without borders!

This image file size is huge and can be printed small as a 5x7 or up to as large as an 18x24 poster. 
Feel free to print however you like, as big as you like, as many as you like!