a strong tower

new print in our shop Proverbs 18:10

Picture this: a bunch of kids running around playing tag. Suddenly a little girl bolts to a random post, touches it, and shrieks (yes shrieks, tag is serious business), "you can't tag me. I'm free". It doesn't really matter how close the "it person" was. She's free simply because she ran to the free zone.

This is Proverbs 18:10 in action.
The name of the Lord is a strong tower;
the righteous run into it and they are saved.

We run to God because in Him we are safe. It's when we're in Him that we catch our breathe and get ready to make a run for the far side of the playground.

On a little bit more personal note, some days I get home from my day and I am weary. I walk into my apartment, I push the door closed (you have to push it or it'll just stay open), I lock the door, I kick off my shoes, take off my coat, put my purse down, walk down the hallway, sit on my couch, and just stare out the window at the sky. Because I'm tired and I just need a minute.

God is our minute.

He's our every minute and He's with us all the time, so one big goal we need to have in our Christian walk is that we will turn to Him more now than we have ever before.

This tower that scripture speaks of isn't a teeny tiny tower for dolls. It's huge. It can fit us, all of our junk, and all the things we are holding in our weary lives.

We can run to this tower that IS the Lord, let the door close naturally behind us, and be safe.

Sometimes like Moses, we need to take off our shoes because God is going to overwhelm us with His glory.

Sometimes like Esther, we need to call upon our people to pray for us as we make bold choices in the name of righteous freedom.

Sometimes like Mary, we need to treasure up the things He does in our heart, and write songs about it.

Sometimes like Jesus, we need to take a break from everything else and rely only on the Word.

And sometimes like me, we need to curl up on our couch, or sprawl out on our floor, and simply rest.

Because when we run to this tower, that is the Lord, we will be refreshed.

Life might make you turn back in for refreshment again in a minute, so you might as well run in now.

About two weeks ago, I texted Jessi Proverbs 18:10 to encourage her amidst the craziness of packing and goodbyes, writing and all the things. A week later she texted me a picture of the prettiest little scripture print that I ever did see. Or something like that. She'd already asked me to write for today, but it was at that moment that I knew this verse was going to tie into it. And I'm just excited because TODAY Jessi is sharing the print in her shop! Be sure to pop over and get a copy.

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