scenes from our weekend

I pray wherever you're at, you're easing into Monday with a cup of coffee and a heart full of grace. For you, for your people. 
Here's what we were up to this weekend. 

I started the weekend off with a visit to see my sweet Nana. 
More time with Nana is a huge perk to living in Charleston. 
She hasn't been feeling her best, but she was perky as could be that morning. 
To me she said, "OH, JESSI! I love life! I love everyone in this whole world!
To her doctor she said, "I got a question for you. Do you like pecan pies? I'm gonna make you one."
She's a doll. 

And she loved my shirt from SheDoesJustice.
Cannon ate food! Our sweet little runt has been grasping at our spoons and coffee cups like you wouldn't believe and he's no where near sleeping through the night, so we decided to see if a little food would help. Either way, he was VERY cute eating that food. 

We took our church planting core team for ice cream:). 
We wanted to give them a night to just talk through the next few months and what we'll be doing and what it will looks like for our family to begin inviting people into our home to build a church. They asked such wise and sweet questions and are so genuinely excited. 
You can check out a video on our Gospel Community instagram of our meeting. 

Not pictured:
Most of Friday and Saturday. I attempted the beach and pool with my four while Nick unpacked boxes. This logistically looked like me holding Cannon and pacing the pool/beachfront while continually scanning and counting little heads. 
"One two three... one two three..... One two.... WHERE'S GLORY?!?!?! Oh, there she is.... One two three..."

Anyhow, the point is - here was a tiny slice of our weekend. 
I'm heading to bed this Sunday night with a sunburned back (who can put on sunscreen while holding a 5 month old and chasing three kids down the beach) and a full heart and an expectant spirit for what the week holds. 

Lord, you have been our dwelling place 
in all generations. Psalm 90:1

I want to leave y'all with some scripture I'm dwelling on - Psalm 90:1. It is such a comfort to my hear to know that wherever we move, however we change, and whoever we're surrounded by - the Lord is our dwelling place. He's our security + the start (and end) of our identity. Amen? Amen.