celebrate with us!!!

Next week will be eight sweet years for my man and I. 
This weekend we're leaving baby Cannon for the first time overnight (ahhhhh!) and doing a lot of gazing into each other's eyes and smooching and talking and I'm sure we'll do some dreaming. 

Our anniversary isn't officially until next week but we're celebrating early. 
I might post some more marriage-ish thoughts in the next few days, but since we're starting the party early, we thought we'd let our internet friends in on the party too. You CAN'T come have dinner with us, but we will have a special 23% off sale (cause our anniversary is on the 23rd, get it?!) Friday through Tuesday the 23rd! 

We'll smooch. 
You use coupon code "YOUNGLOVE" in the shop and get scripture prints. 
We all win!