pausing for a minute.

Woosh, y'all! Last week was a doozy. 
A few days after we lost my Nana, my stepdad's father passed away as well. 
This week we're out of town with back to back funerals and I think it's a good time for this blog to pause for a minute. If I'm quiet on twitter or seem a little tender on the instagram or you're waiting on email - that's absolutely why. 

I've got all kinds of swirly thoughts I'd like to write about and all sorts of fun internet things are happening, but it feels like a good moment to just huddle up with my fam and look to the Lord and give my parents + kiddos some extra hugs and unplug a bit. 

Thanks for praying for our family and know that we are so appreciative and our hope is in Him. I am so glad this world is not our home. I am so glad we have a Living Hope.