life lately in grace

Life lately is filled with loud kids who are prepping for the biggest change their little lives have ever seen. They are excited and wound up and a little nervous and excited about starting school this week. In these last few days, we are squeezing every last drop of summer and having them full time. Last trips to the beach, movie dates with dad, and falling asleep in the parents room are all happening. And we're loving it.  

Life lately is gathering with community once again. Those first few weeks in Charleston were so different. Lots of people visiting, but no permanent community. As our friends from Fort Wayne have begun to move for the church and as the Lord has brought new friends, there is such much comfort for us in community. I love seeing my sink full of dishes and my driveway full of cars. Says the introverted community lover. 

Life lately is kissing the side of a baby's neck and laying beside him as he practices crawling. Cannon is still such a happy baby except for when it comes to eating (we can NEVER feed him fast enough) or sleeping (who likes to sleep?), but otherwise he is really the joy of our family. 

Life lately is all jumbled in a sweet and sticky way. Small business talk bleeds into church talk and intense marriage conversations are had while buying school supplies. Guests come and go and plan are always changing, but the Lord has us where He wants us and for that -- we praise Him. 

What's your life like lately?