see all the action live

There's no hiding my love for instagram. 
I don't think you have to do everything online. But woosh, instagram is a goodie. 
And now - with videos? I love it even more. 
Here are a few of my favorite videos I've uploaded recently. 
Meet you on instagram

This one is a preview of our Influence Network Worship night. 
Whitewash Films will be doing the real videos!

This video I've watched over and over again when feeling a little lonely in 
these early days of church planting. The Morgans (our partners in business/life/allthethings) 
came to visit a week or so ago and it was such a blessing. This video makes me smile. 

and lastly, this one is me lip syncing in Trader Joes. 
To the song I sang to Nick at our wedding reception 8 years ago.