31 days of Wild and Free

I talked about it a lot around my birthday. I wanted this to be my year of wild and free. I've mentioned it a few times on my blog since then and I'm pretty sure people in my physical world are getting a little tired of the phrase. But it's more than a catch-phrase or a whimsical idea for me. It's a prayer and a declaration. 

For the past few years I've really wanted to commit to The Nester's 31 days challenge. Essentially, you blog every day for the 31 days of October around a general theme. This year, I feel like the wandering thoughts and feelings around my wild and free adventure give me the perfect opportunity to jump right in. I want to practice writing more, I really want to explore this new way of life I feel the Lord calling me to, and I'd love to encourage others as I go. 
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So starting, October 1st - I'll be posting every day on The Wild and Free Intensive - my 31 day writing project. Some of the things I want to explore: what the opposite of wild and free looks like, living as a wild and free mom, being set free to love, watching Jesus be wild, and lots of things like that. The posts are planned and I'm already writing. Now I just can't wait to start! Is it October yet?  

And for clarity sake - how about an official objective: 

The Wild and Free Intensive is one woman's experiment to cast off her rhythms of living tame and bound up, as she is held safe by her Heavenly Father, spurred on by the Holy Spirit, and walking with her precious community. For thirty one days she'll evaluate lies and truth and day to day habits that that inhibit or promote her ability to live set free and write through it all. From heart truths to wardrobe to friendships - my battlecry will be wild and free. 
I'd love for you to join us. 

What about you? Have you ever done or read one of The Nester's 31 day challenges? 
Are you doing one this year? I'd love to hear! 

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