#31Days of Wild and Free

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Because sometimes I leave an amazing event or gathering with only the lingering feeling that I am too much and never enough. 
Because putting on red lipstick and a smile is not actual freedom and I'm tired of false fruit. 
Because Jesus was wild. 
Because where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom. 
Because I've had four kids in six years and that kind of birthing and bringing can make you feel stale. 
Because I believe that obedience is wild and there is freedom in submission. 
Because I don't want to live in fear of who God made me to be when He has said I am good and made for His glory.

I can picture a world where I am wild and free in my friendships. 
I imagine passing freedom in Christ - like sloppy peach pie with a massive dollop of whip cream - around a table of women I love. 
I see generations of wild Connolly women to come, living outside of the chains of culture crisis and inside the structure of servanthood of Jesus. 
And because I am not there, and even though I don't see the five steps to get there, I want to be wild and free. 

Will you walk with me?
I'm joining The Nester and blogging for every single day of October. 
I'm calling it The Wild and Free Intensive and I plan on using every word in the thesaurus listed beside a) wild and b) free. 
It'll be fun. My first post will go live October 1st at 5am! 

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Day 8: the collective
Day 9:  Free to Rest
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Day 16: Wild and Free in the Kitchen
Day 17: It Can't be all about you
Day 18: I want to be a Wild Mom
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Day 21: Open Hands
Day 22: She Is
Day 23: Hope is Wild
Day 24: I wish I could pull that off
Day 25: We are free to collaborate
Day 26: a wild & free process
Day 27: Jesus said wild things
Day 28: transparency & vulnerability
Day 29: kill the green room