don't be a wisher.

Last year, around 200 women gathered in Indianapolis to attend a conference that was just a little baby idea with feet on it. It wasn't grandiose and it wasn't always polished. The leaders weren't quite sure of themselves and though the vision was from the Lord, fleshing it out took patience and trial and error. Could there be a women's conference that didn't water down the gospel at all that also simultaneously equipped women in their strategic efforts of their creative pursuits? Could we speak life to marriages and homes and mothers and coeds who just wanted more of Jesus in their lives and at the same time aid them in their photography, blogging, art, writing, and business? 

I'd like to tell you something else that happened last fall during that conference. Women across the US watched online or heard from their friends or read a recap post and they wished. Wished they'd gone, wished they'd heard of it first, wished they'd been there to lead or learn or grow. I heard from SO many of those women and I understood. I've seen some things happen before that left me as a wisher and not as a participant. 

Well here is my plea to you. If you've needed a push or if you've not yet heard, we want you to be there when we meet in Indianapolis again in a few weeks. Last year we stumbled with the vision and the planning because it was just a baby, our first time around. This year, we are more than comfortable with the vision - we're ignited by it. We're not nervous about greeting you that first night, we cannot wait. Our hearts are so expectant and so eager to look a few hundred women in the eyes and say YOU - God has given YOU influence, right where you are, to make much of Him

If you need inspiration 
If you need instruction
If you long for community
If you don't want to waste your online life
If you're worried you're wasting your offline life
If you need life spoken into your creativity
If you need to learn how to speak life to others
If you wonder how to make your dreams happen
If you need someone to help you dream again
If you need a plan
If your plan has failed
If you want to be led and encouraged
If you're ready to lead
If you really wanted to be there last year
If you know you're supposed to be there this year. 

Don't be a wisher, ladies. Act quick, take a step of faith, ask the Lord to provide a way, ask the community to pray for a way. There are a limited number of spaces left. Come meet us for The Influence Conference 2013
We want you there.