hope in the morning

The gals behind NSPottery + JessicaNDesigns have been asking a few bloggers
 to share a little about their morning routine and this is mine. 

I'm a hope junkie and for me, mornings are all about hope
I'll tell you the truth, by the time I fall asleep at night - I'm not in my best shape. I struggle with second guessing all that I did or said that day and I usually feel a little overwhelmed by the next day's task. The Lord is super near to me at nights and meets me in my weakness, and for that I'm grateful. But mornings are sweet with Him in a whole new way. 

The grace of the day feels fresh and my optimism is usually restored. If I'm going to have a creative idea, it's most likely in the mornings. If I'm going to exercise, it's most likely in the morning. Any writing, real abiding, or peaceful reading time - morning, morning, morning. Man, I love mornings. Here's what mine are looking like in this new season. 

5amish: Cannon wakes up, hopefully for the first time, and I cuddle him and feed him. Truly one of my favorite times of the day UNLESS he's been up at 1am and 3am:)
5:30: head downstairs to fill up my water, take my vitamins, have a cup of coffee or tea and half a Lara Bar. Check email and respond to anything that needs immediate attention. 
6am: go for a run with my friend Kayla or work out. Lately, I'm loving the Holy Yoga audio downloads at The LIttle Way shop. 
7am: wake kids up (seriously so fun after being woken up for years) and handle breakfast, herd my sweet little cats around the house - prodding them to get dressed, brush teeth, do hair. 
7:40: wake up Cannon, change his diaper and take him to the car for Nick to take all kids to school. Walk back in and chuckle at the morning mess. 
8-9am: play with Cannon, make to-do list, start laundry, have a quick morning meeting with Hayley, and pray with Nick for our day, our business, etc. 
9am: Cannon goes down for morning nap and I finally eat breakfast. Sit at my crazy cluttered desk and soak up the hope. 

The more days go by, the more I sense the Lord loving when I hope in Him. 
He wants all my desires and prayers and longings heaped on His lap. 
And I think He loves the mornings. 

Are you a night gal or a morning bird? What's your morning routine like? What are you hoping for these days?

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