joy + peace + details

I've felt so drawn to Isaiah 55:12 lately and I made a mixed media print of it this week for the shop. I wanted to quickly share my heart behind it. 

Lately, I've had burdens on my heart that just will not let up. Hurts or fears or concerns that I kind of battle through the day, always trying to turn over to Him. One day I was spending some time in prayer and feel like the Lord put the following question in my heart: Why do I assume that these struggles will always be present and why do I always see the Lord as being able to fix me AFTER I'm not joy or AFTER I'm not peaceful, but not before? 

Do I believe that He can take the very most hurt parts of my life and transform them, then send me out in joy and peace in spite of them? I tend to primarily see the Lord as the One who can clean up my messes rather than make me joyful in spite of the mess, or completely eradicate it from my life. 

Still, as my prayer life changed towards this asking for joy and peace, I felt this nagging sense that I was praying about too selfish and meniscule hurts. I know He loves me, but He has so much more to deal with. I didn't speak any of those fears out loud, but in the midst of those thoughts, Nick started telling me how much He was learning about God being into the details. Day after day, he'd bring it up. God cares and loves and heals in the details of our lives. And I was so encouraged to throw off that lie I was believing that the tiny and hidden parts of my life were too little to be worth His time. 

And in honor of that - the details of this print are very intentional. 
Because He cares about it all. 
The joy, the peace, and the details. 

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