some victory.

Ellen and I have been writing about being whole ladies, our journey through the strategy and heart of becoming healthier and taking care of our bodies. This is a small update. 

I have not lost many more pounds and this weekend even I found myself on my bed laugh-sobbing to my college girlfriends over my heart issues regarding my body and weight loss. There has not been much ground taken or a ton of victory, though there has been lots of work and lots of prayer. 

But today, I found some victory. 

The silly lies I've been hearing for months, "you can't cut your hair, it's the only pretty thing you've got. keeping your hair really long balances out the bigness of your butt. sassy hair cut? not you. you don't have a sassy body to match. don't make big changes, don't make a fuss, just try to fade into the background because you don't want to draw attention to that mess."

Those lies. We cut them down to size today. 
And they laid on my living room floor amongst the wet tendrils of the six or so inches I chopped of my hair. 

Thank you Lord for some victory. 

I'll be sharing more about my heart behind 
my haircut in the next Influence Network Magazine.  Big thanks to Lacy of Only Lacy for the cut and CarolineRo photography who did a photoshoot for us for the magazine.