Christmas Cards + It's getting wild.

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Photos for cards by Carolina Ro Photography, Hannah Arnold at Visions Photography and provided by
Kat Lee, Rebecca Smith, Ellen Parker, Rachael Kincaid, & Kara Kae James

Today is officially the first day of the Naptime Diaries Holiday season. We start today with our customizable Christmas Cards, next week we move on to our advent calendar, and the so on and so forth. If you're following along with our 31 Days of Wild & Free, you might be wondering how that fits in with design. 

A few months ago, I will be honest and tell you I was DISCOURAGED about our print shop. Things weren't going bad by any means, but I lacked fresh vision and excitement and inspiration from the Lord. I think however, as I've let the Lord mess up some of my root heart issues and the ways I tend to live small and scared, my design work has become worshipful and free and fun. And I'm so glad to say these are my favorite 15 cards ever. We hope you love them too! 

All the directions for purchase on on the website! Even if you don't have a picture for a Christmas Card yet, please feel free to snag your spot in line! 
Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!