I wish I could pull that off.


"I so wish I could pull that off" the saying that has stepped on my toes ever since I was the 9th grader with pink eye shadow and converse high tops before they were cool.  Sure, it's a compliment, and one that I greatly appreciate but still, the saying has never settled well with me.  Besides, I probably looked crazy half the time anyway. Why can't you pull 'that' off?

Why can't you wear those shoes that the most stylish girl at work is wearing?
Why can't you cut your hair into that cute cut that you have wanted for two years?
Why can't you wear whatever you want to wear or be whatever you want to be?
What's holding you back?

The only difference in that girl wearing the trendy dress that you could never pull off and yourself is she's not afraid.

STOP LIVING IN FEAR. What if you quieted the voice inside that tells you why you shouldn't and began to listen to the voice that tells you why you should. Have fun! Try on whatever you want to try on. Shop at that store you're afraid to go into. Dye your hair that color you've been drooling over. Shave your head if you want to! Okay...too far maybe, or maybe not.

Take risks, make mistakes! Who cares if at first you don't get it exactly right. It takes time.  Soon enough you'll find your own style, one that's totally wild, completely free, and most of all yours.

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