it can't be all about you.

As I'm on this little wild and free trek, I'm finding so much fruit around every corner. I'm seeing ways I've lived and done life scared, bound by lies, and believing that I was too much and never enough all at once. But I've also been hearing something else from the Lord. 

This wild  and free? Is not all about you. 

If i just rolled forward, fast and with abandon, tumbling and free falling and running towards freedom for myself, without considering those around me - I've missed the point. Because the quest for all of this actually can't be about my good and my wholeness anyhow - it's about Him and letting Him have more access to everything in my life. Here, Lord - you can have my art - make it wild and free. You can have my story - I want to be out from under the chains that tell me it's too dramatic. You can have my cooking and my wardrobe - I'd love for you to unleash something there that is inspiring and points other people back to You and not me. You can have my trust - I don't want to hold on to all the trappings of this world and the parts of You that I can grab hold of. But what about my people?

What about my relationships? 
Is my hope for more of Him setting others free? Am I allowing it to?
Have I become so focused on the potential of what He's doing in me that I'm not considering others first? It's a gut check that I want to listen to. 

Here are some questions and statements I'm using to focus on the wild and free in others. Some of them feel dangerous and some might seem obvious, but this is where I'm starting. 

 photo Slide1_zpsdf0d64e7.jpg

And then I am trying to close my mouth and listen. 

And then maybe open it and speak truth. 
And then maybe close it again. 
And do some praying and some loving. 

In reality, I don't want to go on this trip alone - I want to get there, get to wild freedom hand in hand with my husband and kids and family and friends. I want to spur them on and I need them to do the same for me. 

What about you? 
Who can you invite and include and set free today with some simple questions and thoughts? So grateful for you guys. So grateful to do this thing together.