the fruit found

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It's been almost 31 days of blogging through the idea of Wild and Free and here are some pieces of fruit that I've found. 

- I've found that the Lord has given me more freedom in areas that I didn't see possible but that I'm also really bound by things I never saw coming. 
- I think the more I've tasted freedom and longed to be back in a wild place before the Lord (the way He created me to be), the better I'm able to identify what I'm really afraid of. 
- I've learned that for me, being wild means being an amazing listener. I have not done it well most my life, but I believe I was created to listen well and care for my people. 
- I can wear ankle booties. I just haven't found the right pair for me yet. 
- Cutting my hair was an amazing idea. 
- Everything is better in community

How about you? What kind of fruit have you seen this month? 
It can be wild and free, your own endeavor, 
or something the Lord did when you weren't even watching. 

In a few hours, I'll be popping in to let you guys know that our 2013 Advent Calendar is ready and in the shop to be purchased! There will be some special deals for those who buy it first so stay tuned!