what He called you

photo from Lara Casey 
Last week I was at an amazing conference, Making Things Happen. It was intense and life giving and also incredibly eye opening in a lot of areas for me. There were moments when we had to stand up in front of the whole crowd and bravely name our fears. Another time, we did an exercise where we took areas where we felt weak and spoke life and truth into them. We rewrote our negative feelings or our thoughts. It seems simple, but it was powerful and you could see the palpable shift in women as they named themselves blessed in the very things they felt weak in. 

Some things I felt compelled to rewrite? 
I AM a humble and unshakeable leader. 
I DO love my people fiercely. 
I WILL BE equipped for all He has called me to and He has not made a mistake in placing me with this family, this community, and these businesses/ministries. 

I don't feel those things to be true, but I know God's grace and goodness to be true so I can claim that Christ in me can make them happen. I can't do any of them in my own strength for even a moment, but He can and will be faithful to produce the fruit needed in the things He's called me to. 

Why say all of this? Y'all - I didn't write about Wild and Free because I felt it. I haven't been talking about it with Hayley for months because it was so strong for me. My heart has been here and my words have been here because I see in the eyes of the women in front me, they don't feel it either. We've forgotten that He made us to be wild, like an animal in it's purest environment, to not second guess who we are or what we were called to do. We've forgotten that we're free. Freed from our past and set free in the future. The cages we imagine around us are actually nonexistent. 

I know you don't feel wild and free, but you are. 
He made you that way and He says you can go back there. 
But do you say it? Have you said it to yourself? 
What are you waiting for? 
Rewrite those feelings and get a little weird and talk to yourself. Scrawl it on your bathroom mirror in lipstick. Have coffee with your best friend and get a little daring with your words. Better yet, grab your Bible, hit the floor and cry out to your Abba Father. He will say it back to you. 

I am Wild. 
I am Free. 

Woosh! I did it. I took The Nester's Challenge and blogged 
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