wild & free in the wardrobe

Fashion blogger, I am not. But I do know this...
When you start getting Wild & Free in your life, it starts to get kind of fun in your closet too. You just can't unleash passionate and exciting things in your heart and then feel too meh to even get dressed. At least not every day, right? 

For me, getting dressed for The Influence Conference took a lot of Wild and Free. I really thought after a few days of having to GET DRESSED, I'd be craving yoga pants like whoa, but truly I think it jump started something in me. 

(clockwise from top left) leather peplum + my fave StitchFix top so far,
 my BetterLifeBags bag + fave StitchFix jeans, me and the girls in a maxi + studded jacket
I was a leeeetle nervous before the conference about what I'd wear, but one box from StitchFix and a quick session at Forever 21 and I was good to go. If you're not familiar with StitchFix, I honestly can't rave enough about them. They were a major presence at the conference this year and we were so grateful to have them. 

For me, paying the $25 styling fee is totally worth it to have someone do the digging, find the fun stuff, and push me a little in my wardrobe. Plus the gals there are just super wise and super kind. They will absolutely work with your budget, your wardrobe desires, and your body sensitivities. Just such a fan of StitchFix. 

 photo Slide2_zps8f029d21.jpg

Here are some things I'm loving for the fall that make me straight up excited to get dressed. I'm not trying to get too crazy or buy a million things, just add a few key pieces that bring the spice and the wild and free. 

and my favorite new beauty c/o Better Life Bags 

What about you? 
Anything fun cropping up in your closet these days? 
I'd love to hear!