an audacious declaration

This week, on Monday night, I had a big event planned. 
I'd been thinking about it for weeks and anticipating what it would be like, how I'd feel, what I'd wear. 
My big plans? A night of reading. And it was glorious. 

I preach to other women about REST! Take time to create, be balanced! But in real life, it's very hard for me to shut it all off when the kids go to bed. There is always an email (or 50) left to answer, there is always a new project to dream up, someone to meet with, a new product to design. It takes so much discipline to put it all aside, actually sit down, and read some books. 

Reading, to me, is audacious rest. It's luxurious. It's a declaration that I'm human and not a machine. And sometimes a night of reading is all it takes for me to feel alive again, instead of just going through the motions of living and working and living and meeting needs. Anyone else feel me? 

In honor of that, here is my recommended reading for fall & winter 2013. 
It's getting cooler and life is only getting busier. The laundry can wait a night, the emails will be there tomorrow. Grab a cup of coffee and one (or all!) of these books and remember just how human you are. 

Love Does by Bob Goff // I'm halfway through Love Does and can't get it enough. I usually stray away from books when there is too much hype, but this one is worth the hype. 

I Like People Too by Lindsey Kubly // Lindsey's eBook is immensely helpful for introverts and especially as the holidays approach. As an introvert who is a blogger, mom of four, and pastor's wife - there are some incredibly helpful coping mechanisms here that are really blessing me! 

Sight Shift by Chris McAlister // my friend Allie turned me on to this book and I am digging into as fast as I can. Identity is such an important & spiritual issue for me. Well, for all of us. 

Bittersweet by Shauna Niequist // I read Bittersweet years ago, but after spending some time with Shauna at The Influence Conference, I was reminded how fresh and alive her writing makes me feel. I'm rereading some key pieces of Bittersweet that made me fall in love with writing. 

A Million Little Ways by Emily Freeman // I first heard Emily speak a year ago and I've been soaking up her words since then. I think Million is probably the second book I'd want most women to read after they read the Bible. It's so incredibly good and stirring. 

I'd highly suggest you check out some of those goodies and hole up with a snuggie and a mug of something warm. Make an audacious declaration and rest for the  night. 

Some of the above links are affiliate links which means when you buy them, I get paid a small percentage. It doesn't change the price for you, but it enables me to get paid for the time I put into blogging. 

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