Mom Jeans, the good kind.

Happy Thursday, friends!
I'm popping in to update on how my school mom clothes endeavor is going. At the beginning of this school year, I set out to really capitalize on the fact that my big kids are in school and I've started getting DRESSED most days. I have to say - it's growing to be really helpful! I'd say 4/5 days I'm putting on an actual outfit and it's helping me to feel more productive & creative on the daily. 

Also, I'm realizing that in this new season of work-from-home-church-planting-creative-business-school-mom-life, if I don't get dressed at the very beginning of the day, I won't do it. And if I don't do it - I'll feel kind of unarmed for the day. Lately with holiday sales ramping up, we have a few extra people in our home helping packing orders. I've been doing a few more meetings around town with other business owners or even just doing more frequent meetings online and realizing, oh - I need to be dressed kinda cute for this stuff. 

There are always the random days when all I can muster up is yoga pants, but on a whole - the school mom clothes are getting better. And I am still relying HEAVILY on Stitchfix. Here are a few goodies from my most recent fix. 

This shirt up here is one of my fave, fave, fave things I've gotten from Stitchfix. Hayley posted recently about her "uniform" and I have to say - this is mine, in some variation. Jeans, semi sheer + flowy shirt, neutral flats & gold jewelry. If I need to be dressier, I can unroll the jeans and put on heels. If I need to get BUSY working, I can put my hair up and take my jewelry off. Secret: on heavy writing days, I have to take off my jewelry. 

I've heard from a few women who say that they were bummed with not getting what they wanted from StitchFix and I'm here to say, it gets SO much better each time. I feel like this fix was a huge hit for me and that my personal stylist is absolutely really understanding me. I made a pinterest board for her and just got really specific about what I was looking for and she absolutely helped me so much. I loved seeing the items mixed in with my already owned stuff and seeing how it all flows together. 

This shirt for me was my only big bummer. I loved it SO much. The color, style, print, but the fit was just a little off. I blame the fact that my post-baby body is still kind of shifting and finding her place. Nick said I should contact my Stitch Fix stylist and ask her to send me the right size in the same shirt next month. I don't think they work like that, but I am pretty tempted!

Lastly, I loved these dark wash jeans they sent in my most recent fix. They're great with heels, booties, or flats because the darkness makes them really versatile. I love, love, love em! 

All in all, I feel like I'm finally finding my adult style and StitchFix is absolutely helping. I love being able to check "bohemian" and "edgy" on my style profile and get pushed a little bit to try things I wouldn't normally. I cannot suggest it enough - it's been an amazing tool to help me feel a little more normal when I'm in the thick of motherhood, business, and all the other things. 

StitchFix is a online personal stylist program that allows you to fill out a detailed style + body + budget profile and then receive 5 handpicked picked items in the mail. It costs $20, but that styling fee can be applied to any items that you keep. What's best? When friends sign up under your referral link for the first time, you get $25 in clothing credit. Try it, you'll like it!

All photos by CarolineRo.