It's the Saturday of the year.

My friend, Hayley, says that this time of the year is like the Thursdays of the year. Thursdays are awesome and exciting and yet they drag on forever and ever and a day when all you want is Friday. My other wise friend, Rachael, wrote this post about not giving up on 2013 yet - living it out to the very full. I pumped my fist with her at the beginning of the December, but here on December 18th - I'm moving into the weekend of the year. I'm ready to rest. I'm ready to celebrate. I'm ready to create good content again. 

Baby having, business starting, moving, the beginning seasons of church planting, the conference, and writing a book proposal. That was my January through November and it was loud and wonderful and hard and tiring and wonderful! I have something my husband calls Saturday-syndrome. On Saturdays, I can relax for like 2 hours. I can cuddle with kids, make a long breakfast. I can let the house get messy and sip my coffee. Till like 10am. And then I want to GO! PRODUCE! WORK! BE PRODUCTIVE! And it's so unproductive. If I just let myself rest, the work that comes on Monday morning is so much sweeter and good. 

So I'm forcing myself now to let it be the Saturday of the year, and I'm going to fight my Saturday-syndrome. I'll be posting less on the blog, less on social media, and even though I have ideas I want to work on, words I want to write, and designs I want to create - I'm just gonna rest up and ask the Lord to store up the new stuff and help me flesh it out on Monday, er - in January. 

Until then! Two things that are super close to my heart. 

1. One huge stinking blessing of our life here in Charleston is that we just happened to move two doors down from another mama-entrepreneur. My sweet friend Zoe is my neighbor-friend and she runs a sustainable clothing company with her twin sister. They make BEAUTIFUL pieces in an environmentally conscious way. I'd love for you to check them out! 

2. We're done shipping for the year, but we have one more promotion in our shop that we're really excited about. Our precious friend (and amazing photographer) Caroline Ro is fundraising to go on a trip and we're giving her the day in our shop to help out. 100% of the profits from sales that day will go to fund her trip. She'll be on the blog sharing a bit more Friday - so check back in! 

Do you need encouragement to go quiet?
Do you have Saturday syndrome? If so, I'm praying for you and thinking of you. 
Rest it up, girl, January is coming.