Passion Project Haiti - help support our Caroline

Right around the time we moved to Charleston, people started asking me if I knew Caroline. Have you met Caroline? Surely you know Caroline? I didn't know Caroline, but I wanted to! Apparently she was this amazing photographer with this amazing heart for Jesus, crazy passionate and an incredibly good friend. When I did finally meet her, she totally lived up to the hype. 

Caroline has become the unofficial Naptime Diaries photographer, but she's become my very official friend. She is encouraging and life-giving, she drops a meal off at my house when she knows I'm having a hard day and she brings me flower arrangements that are leftover from the weddings she shoots. When she is passionate about something, we want to support her. 
Today in our shop, we're giving 100% of the profits to support Caroline's upcoming trip to Haiti and I wanted her to tell you below why she's going. We're done shipping for Christmas delivery but you can buy gift cards that automatically downloads or any kind of goodies in the shop to receive just after January 1st - all proceeds go to her trip. We'd love to have you help support her today! Here her heart below! 
In high school and college, I took a handful of missions and outreach trips both in the country and out of the country. But since my business has picked up and time off seems rare, it’s been years since I’ve set aside the time from work (and life!) to serve others and do something not about me.
This upcoming January, I’ll be heading off to Haiti with a group of creatives and photographers to help serve the people of Port-Au-Prince.
Led by the photographer, Josh Newton( this is the first of many Passion Projects to come-aimed to unite people through their heart for serving and put their passions into practice. Directly supporting two wonderful organizations, Thirst Relief International ( and Child Hope International,( on this trip, my team and I will be:
-teaching kids vocational skills they can use for life
-documenting the work of the volunteers, workers, nurses and teachers of Thirst Relief and Child Hope
-working with and teaching a handful of orphans who have already started their own businesses
-making a photo book/magazine telling the story and history of the orphanage through photos and words
-and if we raise enough money, helping Thirst Relief install a clean water system!
So this is where you come in. Help me make this trip about something bigger than myself.
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