it is for freedom

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I feel super drawn to Galatians this year and that's where my verse of the year is from. I've started reading in chapter one (so genius, right!?) and I'm using one of Nick's new handy dandy commentaries that he got for Christmas. But I've always felt crazy drawn to chapter five and everyday I'm tempted to camp there. The first verse in chapter five is the one  that always gets me. 

One day over Christmas break I woke up early and wrote pages and pages about Galatians 5:1. The wording is so interesting to me. It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. It seems almost awkward and common sense, right? But then I realized how many things I put in that blank. It is for _________ that Christ has set me free. 

I often think 
It is for me to work hard that Christ has set me free. 
It is for Him to use me that Christ has set me free. 
It is so that I don't screw up the whole world that Christ has set me free. 
It is for me to love others that Christ has set me free. 
It is for me to be off the hook that Christ has set me free. 
It is to keep me from hell that Christ has set me free. 

No, none of those. 
It is for freedom. It is because He SO wants me to be set free and because He wants to set us all free. It is for freedom that He has set me free. 
So am I living free? Are you? 

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