The Big Five - 2014 goals

It took about five (fun!) days, but I think I'm all the way planned for 2014! I used my #powersheets by Lara Casey to identify five big goals for the year here. Beyond that, I have lots of measurable month goals and benchmarks I want to hit - but here are the big five. 

Walk with the Lord. 
2013 taught me that accomplishments without intimacy mean nothing. And also, where the Spirit of the Lord is - there is freedom, all I have to do is walk in. One way I want to shift how I do that is by just doing, talking less. 

Develop our homebase. 
Anchored, wild, and encouraging. That's how our home needs to feel. 

Steward & Grow our Businesses. 
What's not said in this sentence is that I want to grow and steward these endeavors, and not start any more:). A promise I'm making to my husband - no more new businesses this year. Naptime Diaries, Influence, the book. That's all that on my plate. 

Attain our base healthy & standard of self care. 
I know it will take lots of work this year, but I'm hopeful that lots of work this year will equal a standard of health that just takes maintenance in the future. 

Partner with Nick for financial freedom. 
Stewarding our money well has always been important to be me in the way of  - "I want to steward our money well, Nick you do it!". I've now figured out that is not going to be enough. Just like our physical health, we're going to have to take huge strides to get to a place we can maintain. And I'm excited! 

A few people on the blog or social media asked how I planned and what in the world all of my seven notebooks were for, so here's a quick break down of what I did. 

1. Again, (but probably not for the last time) I highly suggest Lara's #powersheets. I started with the power sheets which are an INCREDIBLE tool to help you evaluate where you're at on all levels and where it is you're actually wanting to go in the coming year. The power sheets helped me develop my main five goals and break down some measurable, actionable, and reasonable steps to get there. I now have a January tending list that has things I want to accomplish for the month (based on my five goals), items I need to do daily, and things I need to do weekly as well. 

2. I prayed over and did some personal writing to help me nail down a verse for the year. I settled on Galatians 5:25 - If we live by the Spirit, let us also walk by the Spirit. This ties back into my number one goal, to WALK with the Lord. I'm sure I'll do lots of expounding on this in the coming year. 

3. I worked with my business teams to set similar goals for our businesses. The Influence gals are using power sheets for their personal goals, but Hayley and I also worked together to identify five goals for the network. Likewise, Jacey is working with me for Naptime Diaries to do the same for the print shop and blog. Those goals will also break down into monthly goals, weekly tasks, and daily to-dos. 

4. I bought a notebook for each of my four kids. It's just a simple, small little notebook. In it - I started off writing a prayer for each of them for the year and a verse I'm praying for them. Throughout the year, I'm going to use it to write small memories, funny stories, burdens I'm carrying for them, verses I'm praying, and to just write little notes to them. 

5. The other notebooks? One is for meetings. I'm keeping a separate notebook for meetings because I'm always digging and digging for that one little note I wrote down that so and so said that I need to remember. One is my personal prayer/bible/thoughts journal. Pretty self explanatory. The last one is a running to do list. Nothing but actual to-dos so I can grab it quickly in the morning and make a list. 

6. Lastly, I made it all pretty. It's obviously not the most important thing, but I took my major goals and tending lists and remade them in my own favorite colors and fonts. I printed them and am keeping them in my favorite binder so they're altogether. I also created a pinterest board (a suggestion of Lara's!) to add some vision for 2014. So far, it's been super inspiring to create and I think being able to go back and look at it through the year is going to be a great tool. 

And that's it! 
Now, a little less talk and a little more action, am I right? 
I'm ready to just do. Walk. 
Let's do it 2014!