the end of an era // start of a new one

Seven years ago this week, I was holding my first little baby boy - the whole world was fresh and new and my identity had forever shifted. I held sweet baby Elias and everything changed in good and sweet ways. My motherhood journey had begun and it would be filled with dips, turns, wins, failures, and lots and lots of God's grace. 

A year ago today, I held my new fourth and final baby as he'd just been born. We were tucked away in a hospital room, just Nick and I, with our three big kids at home - waiting for meet this little bookend boy that would complete our family. I was a new mom again, but not a scared mom. I had been bitten hard by the love bug and was smitten with this new little person, Cannon Murray Connolly. 

Last night, I ugly cried for about thirty minutes after Nick took Cannon to bed. I'm so grateful, I'm so happy for these kiddos. But I'm such a baby mom and my babies are all growing up. Lots of moms might feel freedom from naptimes and dirty diapers, but I'm aching a little as I remember the baby coos and the tiny fingers and the nights awake nursing. 

But! It's a new season. And I know the Lord made me to be more than just a baby mom. And I have a sweet little one year old to chase around the house today as he's learning how to walk. Naptimes may be nearly over for this house, but the diary will keep on going. God's grace will keep shining through where my inadequacy typically resides. It's the end of the era and the start of a new one - pass me a cup of coffee and a tissue, will you? My last baby is turning one today. 

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