2014 Lent Journals - 40 Days with Jesus

Last year, we released our first ever Lent Calendar - what started as a joke because one of our customers didn't want to take down her advent calendar, turned into a beautiful product for people to celebrate the season leading up to Easter. But something tugged at our hearts and we wanted a product that was more reflective. A friend of ours suggested a Lent journal - and we were all over it. 

So, we're really excited to announce our 2014 Lent Journals. They are 5x7 bound journals with 40 days of scripture prompts and room for you to reflect on what you've read. They're undated, without commentary, so that they can be used for Lent - or any time of year. There are 4 sections made up of ten days - Hope, Follow, Live, Bless - and those are intentionally created to walk people through the redemptive story of Jesus whether they've never set foot in a church or if they've been a Christian for decades. 

We have put much prayer and consideration in these and we cannot wait to use them with you guys. Our hope is that you'd use them and be blessed by them and want to share them with others who'd be blessed by them as well! 

If you want your reflective journal in time for Lent, you need to order it by February 26th - but we'll keep selling them since they can be used any time of year. We hope you enjoy and we can't wait to start getting these in your hands ASAP. Get yours today!