I'm going to Africa, do you want to come?

This year my kid's school was totally rebuilt. It took years and years and millions of dollars. Our entire community has rallied around the renovations & our church even meets in the new school. It's so stinking beautiful, I want to move in there. My kids love it and they feel safe and loved and like all their little hopes and dreams could become realities in that beautiful building. 

That's why when Mocha Club reached out about partnering with Annie Downs and her purpose project - I said yes, yes, yes - a million times yes. The lovely Annie is helping to raise $10,000 to rebuild The New Dawn School in Nairobi, Kenya. Primary education in Kenya is free, but without schools like New Dawn - most teenagers don't have an opportunity to continue their education.  

So right now - we're helping Annie to raise $10,000 by the end of February. You can see all the details here, but this a fundraiser I absolutely want to get behind. I love the people at Mocha Club at FashionAble and I know they are OUT for the good of those they're serving. The don't work in uber fancy offices, staying removed from the world and the problems they address, and they know that love DOES. And I love working with them. 

But, there's MORE. After we raise that $10,000 - we're going to GO to Kenya and see New Dawn and all the work going on there so we can report back. We'll also visit HEKO which is a ministry in the Kibera slum of Nairobi that serves those infected & effected by HIV/AIDS. We're going to go and see what's going on and report back and we'd love for one of you to go with us! That's right! Donate $25 and you'll be eligible to come with us to Kenya for FREE. What do you think? Want to come? 

Either way - be sure to check out Annie's video below and her Purpose Project page! You'll be seeing me post more in the future about our upcoming trip - I am genuinely so excited and grateful to be going. Thanks Annie for taking me along with you! 

 Also! Thank you guys yesterday for all your excitement & support as we launched our new journals! If you're looking to be able to do them with a group or give them to a bunch of friends, we've made a deal for you!