#naptimerunway and new shirts!

Last week on instagram, I invited women to take a little trip with me and see what happens. I've talked a good bit on the blog & instagram about self care trying to put my best foot forward and I'm genuinely seeing a sweet little shift in my life. It's not like I'm wearing heals to do the dishes or anything, but I'm just taking what I have and trying to utilize it to the best of my ability. My kids are less surprised to see me in makeup on a weekday and my hair is coming out of the ratty-mama-bun more often. And just like I figured, the more I take tiny steps to take care of myself, the more alive I feel so I can care for everyone else. 

I'd love to have you join us over on instagram. Share what you're wearing and use the hashtag - #naptimerunway. Not because it's about showing off how cute we are, but because it's so inspiring to see other women taking care of themselves and getting dressed and working with what they have! Even if you don't join in, look on the hashtag for a little inspiration! 

Well - in light of all that, Megan from SheDoesJustice and I got to talking. She makes beautiful scarves & head wraps and I make scripture prints and we started discussing how much we love graphic t-shirts, but can't seem to find many that we LOVE. And what about a graphic t-shirt that is positive and uplifting with a hint of scripture? Wouldn't that be amazing?! So - we decided to make some! Starting today, on the SheDoesJustice site, you can buy our first collaborative t-shirts. They're so beautiful and well made and the PERFECT addition to your outfit when you're wanting to feel put together and casual all at once. 

Join us on instagram & check out those t-shirts! 
Hope today is an amazing start to your week!