now, some AFTER pictures!

Yesterday I talked about before & after body transformation pictures, but how about today we talk about before & after OFFICE transformations? You guys. A month or so ago, my office was in BAD shape. 

It was part office, part church storage, part kids dumping ground, part Jessi's unorganized mess. I shared a sneak peek of how bad it was on instagram, but in case you missed it - here's what I was working with. 

I can barely look at that without getting a headache now. 
But now! Nick, Jacey, and I have worked all month and we finally have all three of our offices semi settled. Nick has an office upstairs off our kid's room and he built a little office for Jacey out of some dead space in our house that wasn't being used - we'll show off Jacey's desk soon! But my office is not just for me, it's for Jacey and I to meet in, it's for meetings, it's for creating, and it needed to be a good place for storage of a lot of the stuff we have to keep on hand. 

Soooooo, here is the after! 

These four 8x10 prints are currently in our shop and they're four of my absolute favorites. Clockwise from top left - Ephesians 5:8, Psalm 27, Grace upon Grace, and Free Indeed. That big old canvas over there on the left? That's one of our new spring line prints and it will be available April 7th! With many, many more new prints! 

That massive crate holds my kid's backpacks, jackets, and various things that don't have a place. You know how it is. Everybody needs a place to put things that don't have a place. 

I thought while I was showing off my office, I'd show y'all one of my favorite tricks. I keep two huge white poster boards in my office for staging photos. I use them myself for instagrams and quick pictures and our amazing shop photographer Caroline uses them when we do big product photoshoots! 

These rolling shelves (and the white desk) are all from CB2 and they're invaluable for us! It's so great to stack all our shipping supplies and other supplies and also be able to roll these in and out of the way as needed. 

Another thing I'm really excited about in the office is this huge content calendar Jacey and I had made. We needed something visible we could look at every day to connect over things that we have going on in all the different small business spheres - new product launches, Influence Network classes, or due dates for projects or writing assignments. We made it by designing a 24x30 calendar and then buying a plexiglass frame off Amazon. This way, we can write on the frame and easily erase it when needed! 

Lastly, everyone needs a soft place to land right? 
My favorite part of working from home is when a friend or my mom or my husband walk in my office and plop in that chair by the sun and chat for a bit. 
Thank YOU for stopping in and seeing our new office!