The first day of Lent: it's not about points

It's the first day of Lent, and as it's been a big fuss for our family and business this year - I want to take some time to blog though the heart-thoughts and prayers that have made us so passionate about this season. 

Today's the kickoff and wherever you go today, you're bound to hear someone talk about what they're giving up or what they're putting on. Maybe you're giving up chocolate or coffee or both. Maybe you're limiting your TV watching or social media consumption. These things are beautiful and good and I love that Lent is rooted in rhythms of self-denial so that we can become more like Jesus. 

But the most important thing I'm reminding myself today is that Lent is not about points, it's about walking. It's not about doing something better or executing the Christian life in a more tidy manner. The entire point of Easter (and thus Lent) is us celebrating that the work has already been done for us, on the cross. We have been made righteous by the blood of Jesus and no amount of tidying our lives will make us more holy in our Father's eyes. 

The work has been done. The sacrifices have been made. We are not earning points. We are just walking closer. And picking up rhythms that help us to get quiet, draw near, and talk with our Father in this special season. And I'm preaching to myself. 

If you haven't gotten one of our 40 days with Jesus reflective journals, you can still get them here. They're undated & don't say the word Lent so you can start tomorrow or a year from now and you'll be right on track. So excited to walk through this season with y'all.