April Goals!

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It's been a few months since I blogged about goal setting and specifically, my own goals. I'm still using Lara Casey's power sheets and loving them so, so, so much. Every month, a few days before the month starts - I take an hour or two to go over the worksheets and I find them so incredibly helpful to remind me where I was pointed in the first place, to see what worked and what didn't, and take stock of where I'm at. 

I'm still working from the main five desires that I set at the beginning of the year, and each month I just break those down into monthly goals based on where I'm at. I'll tell you, February - the goals just didn't happen. I'm not quite sure what happened in February - but somewhere between the launch of the church and the Lent calendar, I just lived. And I'm not bummed. I mean, we launched a church plant and kept four kids alive. It's ok if some books didn't get read, you know? Because of that, when I set my March goals, I basically revisited my list for February and added a lot of grace. 

Here were my monthly goals for March & how those ended up. 
- join Nick in working on our family budget (he's plenty capable, but I've been really needing to understand our money for a few years now so I can be more intentional): done!
-  make a room plan/to-do list to organize each room in our house: done!
- execute two rooms on the list: done! My office & kitchen & living room are mostly done!
- get exercise routine in order: done! I stopped going to Barre because the timing wasn't good for my family, but added back in more running and that has been really life giving. Also shifted our schedule so I can work out in the morning again. 
- go to doctor's appointment for myself to check hormone levels + make sure all things are functioning properly: not done. Will get done!
- take big kids to well child visit at new doctor: not done, but scheduled for this month!
- identify family rhythms to watch: done and done!
- rebrand Naptime Diaries blog + shop logo, start spring line: done! Can't wait to show y'all!
- pick face wash + find someone to do my makeup: done! I went with the Refine line by Rodan + Fields and I have a plan to get my makeup settled. 
- finish The Circle Maker: allllmost done. 

And here are my April goals! 

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The new blog + shop websites launch on Monday the 7th (woohoooo! Make sure you're following my instagram and the shop instagram for sneak peeks), and ya'll - I'm not even ashamed to tell you that I've gone to the DMV twice in the last few weeks to get a driver's license. I have to take the tests because I've moved in and out of state so much and um - I haven't actually done so great in the passing of the tests. But! April is my month! I'm finishing up getting my passport so I'll be all ready for the Kenya trip in May! Most of the stuff on the list is FUN because getting these websites and the spring line of prints and products finished is going to be a huge push of work in the beginning of the month. That's why the back end is heavy in fun and celebration. And you know I'll be celebrating heavily when Nick and I finish our 40 day long Daniel Fast on Easter! 

So that's what is on the books in April over here. 
I'm linking up my goals with The Tiny Twig and her monthly goals post - what's ahead for you this month? Work? Refreshment? Abiding? Celebration? 
I want to hear!