I knew months ago what Lent was supposed to look like for me this year. We were in the thick of developing the Naptime Diaries Lent devotional and we kept coming across these beautiful pictures of greenhouses. I heard God saying clearly - this year Lent is going to be a greenhouse. A quiet, warm, still place - filled with lots of growth. 

That sounds beautiful, right? But you know what that means? I have to get quiet. I have to get still. And my life is ANYTHING but quiet or still. It seemed nearly impossible, I'm a little over two months away from our book launching and in the thick of it with business. I've got four little kids and we're in a beautiful season of church planting and movement. 

Still and quiet are not two words anyone would use to describe our life. 

And then it hit me: social media. I want to say off the bat that I'm a lover of social media and could not be further from a hater. I know all the dangers and ways people feel like it's corroding and breaking our society, but I tend to see all the positive ways we can impact the world for the Kingdom of God. 

I LOVE sharing about God's Word on instagram. I love learning about our world and politics on twitter. I love getting sneak peeks into the daily lives of people I know on snapchat and hopping on periscope to do a little preaching and teaching is my favorite. BUT: I knew God was showing me: You want to get still and quiet? Start there. Take some time, draw into me. Go off social media. 

And it seemed like internet suicide. Going off social media during Lent when my book launches in just two months and I'm in full blown business mode? But I want to trust God more than I trust instagram. And I want to know Him intimately going into this season, much more than I want to be known. 

So I'm shutting it down till after Easter. Deleting periscope, snapchat, twitter, Facebook, and instagram. I will be popping in for an announcement here or there of things I really just NEED to share, otherwise it will be only newsletter and maybe a little blogging for me. 

I'd covet your prayers and you better believe I'll be praying for you during this season. You women in the thick of your own things, seeking God's face, and endeavoring after abundant life - right where you're at. 

It would mean the world to me if we could stay connected in some other ways, so here's what WILL be going on during Lent: 

- Big announcements are in the works for Naptime Diaries and you can follow that newsletter here and instagram here.  
- We'll be sharing book updates and Launch Team announcements on the Wild and Free Book instagram account! But also, here is the book website with full info. 
- I'll still be sending my No Filter newsletter! You can sign up for that here

I pray that no matter what your Lent season looks like, you're entering into a greenhouse too. I pray God is louder and His Word is more presence and His Spirit feels nearer than your own breath. He loves you SO much, don't you forget it. 

Grace + Peace, 

Jessi Connolly7 Comments