Summer to Thrive

I walked up to my husband's office a few weeks ago and plopped in a chair with tears in my eyes. 

"Babe. I've got to chill the mess out."
I said through little sobs. 


Summer was coming and I wasn't ready. I wasn't excited. I was actually dreading it like normal. For most of my adult life I've truly hated summer. I used to think it was because I hate the heat, then I thought it was because I hated summer clothes. But now I know it's because I love structure, I love getting stuff done, I love normal days where everything goes as planned. I love moving ahead. And summer typically doesn't embody those things. 

But my soul? Needs summer. My soul needs a season to simmer down and chill out. My soul needs to remember how to enjoy God and enjoy life and enjoy days. My soul needs summer and yet - to thrive, my soul really also needs a tiny bit of structure. I've got to know where I'm going, where I'm pointed - where all of this is headed. 

So I made this little guide for different types of women: A) I made it for women like me who need a plan EVEN WHEN they're chilling out. And B) I made it for the women who tend to run from structure, who love chilling out, but could really use some parameters around it. 

It's ten pages long, filled with worksheets to help you approach YOUR summer with hope and intention and lots and lots of grace. It's totally free and I hope it's a huge blessing. I'll be showing my summer and how I interact with the guide using the hashtag #summertothrive on instagram. I'm excited to see how it goes for y'all! I pray it's a huge blessing. 

I have to say - for the first time ever, I'm walking into summer with a gigantic smile on my face. And by God's grace, I pray to walk out the exact same, not beat up by a season that I don't sit well with. Ready to do this this?