You Are The Girl For The Job



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You believe (or want to believe) God has called you and given you purpose, but where do you start? How do you get from feeling stuck to making a move? If this sounds familiar, bestselling author Jess Connolly has a message for you: You Are the Girl for the Job.

But this is not simply a peppy catchphrase. This is the straight-up truth God has proclaimed over your life from the beginning, and it's not dependent on what you can do or achieve but based on His power, capacity, and character. 

It has taken one million, maybe one zillion (who knows?!), slight moves of His hand to place you in this exact moment. So forget about fear and second-guessing your gifts, because God has meticulously prepared you to be an ambassador for the Kingdom right where you are, here and now. Life is too short to get stuck in a holding pattern of shame, self-doubt, and comparison. So let this book be your very good news: you don't have to wait for permission when you've already been commissioned.

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What Gals Are Saying…

“It’s been a long time since I’ve read a book so powerfully, pointedly affirming in such a truth-telling, coffee-with-a-friend way. Jess has a way of gently and boldly removing our blinders, holding all our excuses for a minute, and allowing us to freely see who God made us to be — the women we already are. What makes this message so powerful is that Jess does this in a way that is deeply rooted in Scripture, real life experiences, and genuine, authentic love for every girl who longs to be seen and understood. For any woman who’s ever felt a little like she didn’t belong, a little like she may not measure up, and a little like she’s too messy, imperfect, or extra, this book will be a blessing to your heart, just as it was to mine.”

Emily Ley, founder of Simplified and bestselling author of A Simplified Life 

“I love how Jess boldly and compassionately invites women to stop measuring their capacity by their own strength, and start believing in the limitless strength of God who equips and empowers us. Through these pages you’ll feel met wherever you are at, challenged by truth, and compelled to take action. As you read You Are The Girl For The Job, you will more clearly see the abundance of God at work in your own life.”

Audrey Roloff, NYT bestselling author of A Love Letter Life

“Jess does it again. She gets in your business and messes you up. For anyone (like me) who has walked in doubt and defeat, and taken up residence there, this book will jumpstart your heart. God always fulfills what he started; we need only say yes.”

Rebekah Lyons, author, Rhythms of Renewal and You Are Free

This book slaps away any doubt and replaces it with the truth of God’s Word, combined with the loving assurance of a friend who wants you to see what she sees; a girl God picked for the task in front of her.”

Nona Jones, Nona Jones Ministries, head of Faith-Based Partnerships, Facebook

Jess has written a manifesto for women who dare to believe we are capable of more and willing to jump into the work of calling.”

Bianca Juarez Olthoff, speaker, teacher, and bestselling author of Play with Fire and How to Have Your Life Not Suck

When we are tempted to weigh and measure our own capacity, Jess Connolly comes alongside like a friend who cheers you on, reminding you that Jesus is the hero of the story. That's the good news found in You Are the Girl for the Job.”

Ruth Chou Simons, bestselling author of GraceLaced and Beholding and Becoming:


Meet Jess

Jess Connolly is a woman who wants to leave her generation more in awe of God than she found it. She is passionate about family, God's Word, and seeing women take their place in the kingdom. She loves communicating, coffee, color, and the local church.

Her first book, Wild and Free, was coauthored with Hayley Morgan and came out in May 2016. Her second and solo book, Dance Stand Run released on October 24th, 2017. She also coauthored Always Enough and Never Too much with Hayley Morgan, which released in May 2018.

Jess and her husband Nick live in Charleston, SC where they've planted Bright City Church. They have four wild and hilarious kids: Elias, Gloriana, Benjamin, and Cannon. They also have an unruly dog named Deacon.