Hi friends! I'm Jess and I'm really glad you're here.

When I was 15, you would've voted me least likely to succeed and probably definitely least likely to grow up and talk about God. But I went on a retreat where I decided I wanted a relationship with Him and mostly never looked back. 

That same weekend I heard a man talk about "abundance" and how those who believe in Jesus get to also believe in abundance and I've been obsessed with the idea ever since. 

What is abundance? Is it for us in here, in the every day? Is abundance for moms and college students and those of us who feel tired? Is there abundance for the messy ones and the tidy ones? And what does it look like? This blog, this year, is the fleshing out of those questions for me. 


Shortly after I met Jesus, I met this handsome
looking dude in my new church's youth group.

Five years later we were married and the first few years of our marriage were filled with furiously adding children. We had three babes in three years, our precious and wild irish triplets. A few years later we lost a precious baby, our Arrow, and then God was super gracious to deliver the fourth and final Connolly kid in 2013. 

Our kids names are Elias, Gloriana, Benjamin, and Cannon.
My husband's name is Nick. I sure like these people.
We also have a dog named Deacon. I'm still on the fence about him.



In addition to being a mama to four wild kiddos and leading our church in Charleston with my husband, I'm really grateful to have been able do work online and abroad. 

I started Naptime Diaries (now All Good Things Collective) in 2011, selling scripture prints out of our tiny little home - printed off a kind of old and rickety printer. I helped cofound SheReadsTruth in 2012 and still serve as one of the cofounders of The Influence Network along Hayley Morgan. I also cowrote Wild and Free with Hayley and my second book, Dance Stand Run, releases in October 2017.

I also travel to preach and teach and you can see more about that here.  



We live and do our thing in Charleston, SC and we're very biased in believing it's the greatest city in America. 

We've planted a church called Gospel Community that is based in downtown Charleston and you're so so welcome to visit.

If you want tips of what to do in Charleston, here are my faves: run/walk the bridge, go to Sullivan's Island for beach time, walk down King Street at sunset OR sunrise. Restaurants: Dellz, Butcher & Bee, Obstinate Daughter, Leon's, Minero, The Harbinger, Poogan's Porch, and HomeTeam.   

I'm passionate about my family, God's Word, and seeing women take their place in the Kingdom.

I love coffee, color, and the local church.

I take my coffee black and a successful friendship feels like knowing how you take yours.